upgrading the tweeters on my usher s-520s


2013-03-24 8:56 am
hi all, first post here :D

okay, so i'm looking for a quick audio upgrade. the first thought that came to mind was upgrading my s-520's tweeters. i've looked at plenty of options and i've half-decided on either the scanspeak 9500 or the seas excel t25cf-001 based on a lot of positive comments about them.

my questions are, would it be viable to just drop in these tweeters without altering the s-520's crossovers? i really want to pull a high-end-ish sound from these speakers as they are the perfect size for my small room, and they look pretty. also, you might be wondering why i'm willing to spend on tweeters that cost more than half the price of these ushers, well, it's because i can always use them for a diy project later on which i think i'll eventually do.

any kind of suggestions on anything about this matter will be appreciated. thanks :D