Upgrading TE7022L

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Hello all, I have been lurking for a while and finally made a purchase worth posting about. I recently bought the HA Info U2 Plus USB DAC / headphone amp. So far it sounds pretty great with my HD 280 Pros, and I am starting to wonder what else is available to modify. I already replaced the included opa2604 with a opa2134 that I had lying around. It definitely sounds noticeably better, but I am still interested in trying other op-amps out (AD797BRZ?).

On to my main question.. Is it possible to simply replace the TE7022L with something like the TE8802, which supports 24/192 and async usb? Will anything else need upgrading?

I am totally new to this hobby, so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
CLock Fox 924B TCXO

imo, you can add the filter on the power suply, the Odac filtering the supply from usb connection using 1.0mh inductor.

and then separate the supply for TE7022 & supply for Clock, and change the clock by the better one


I have used the Fox 924B TCXO with the TE7022, a very easy transplant. I agree you will want separate regulators for the clock, the Tenor chip, the DAC, and whatever else. The Micrel 5209
MIC5209-3.3YS TR Micrel Inc | 576-1274-1-ND | DigiKey

is a pretty low noise regulator and has a big enough package to work with without a PCB. I would use a SMD ferrite bead in series with the TCXO V+ input pin, and maybe a .01uF cab to ground from the V+ pin.

Odac schematic is here:


it would help you chose power filtration for certain pins on the TE7022, and shows you the pin# 37 you need to inject the clock at after removing the old crystal, if that is all you have. You will see ODAC filters the TE7022 internally-generated 1.8V pin...

Some people like USB isolators [possible on a TE7022], some people like a very very short standard USB cable, like a few inches long.
I'm sorry for resurrecting the thread once again,but I thought it better than starting a new one. Hope it's not against the rules. I'm a rookie in the field of electronics, so please bear with me. My problem is the following: I have a TOPPING D3 DAC, connected to my PC via USB port, which worked and sounded just great until a few days ago when all of a sudden it failed. In Device Manager, when connected to USB 3.0 port, drivers are installed, but the device is marked as "Unknown device" an is not appearing in the "Sound" section. If connected to USB 2.0 port, there is an attempt at drivers installation but it is unsuccessful, in Device Manager it's marked as "USB composite device" with Code10 error - "This device cannot start". I don't have any source with digital outs, so I connected the DAC to an old tape deck via the analog RCA in/outs and it worked. So with my limited knowledge I presumed that the USB receiver chip (Bravo SA9023) had failed. I can have the chip replaced, but will the new chip need programming or it is a sort of "plug and play" operation? Do I have to replace the respective EEPROM (AT24C08B) too? I'm sorry for the long post, but I can't manage without external help. Any input will be highly appreciated.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.