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Upgrading my theater so thought I would help someone else start theres

A year ago this forum really helped me to build my home theater.So now that I am building a new one i thought i would post some things I am selling here before I put them on ebay so that some other person can get there theater going.

All these item are currently still connected and I can email pics of them on request.They all are working great i just have a bigger dvd collection and larger theate rnow so I have to upgrade.

pioneer 5 disk dvd changer model dv-c503 $160
(works awsome i just did a tune up on it I just bought a 302 disk unit so have no need for this one anymore and yes i comes with the remote.)

sharper image dc/dvd organizer 100 disk $80 plus shipping

pioneer 50+1 cd changer (with remote) $100 plus shipping

little black 100 watt powered sub $45 plus shipping
(was in my bedroom not enough umpf for a large room )

magnavox 4 head mono vcr (great picture with remote) $50 plus shipping

compaq laptop 2 or 4 gig can't remeber $60 or 80 if you want the base station and cd drive to plus shipping
(I stored my mp3's on it at school)

pioneer elite nonpowered sub 500 watt max $35 plus shipping
(pretty beat up and heavy as heck)

Now for what i need if anyone has some pioneer brand sattlite speakers or a center channel they want to trade or sell email me .

If interested in any of the items I have listed just email me please I can supply pics then just can"t post them online right now.

I accept paypal and money orderds just incase anyone way wondering.