Upgrading JBL JRX-115

Hey Guys,

I'm thinking of upgrading my Mid Highs with new drivers. there is nothing wrong with my current setup, but i would like more power without necessarily having to add more cabs (space saving).

Would anyone have any good suggestions....

the current low freq is a JBL M115-8A
the current high freq is a JBL 2412H-1

The current spec sheet is here > JBL JRX-115 SPEC SHEET
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2005-08-31 1:47 am
There is a reason for those specific elements.. In practice there is no possibility of getting more spl out of speaker by changing elements. Even if you found something that has otherwise identical but larger xmax and power handling, the enclosure would most likely begin to change radically its behavior because of unlinear compression and flow of air in vents. (This is why top quality PA-systems require their own processors which have dynamic eq-filters etc. for compensating enclosure unlinearity.)

Bi-amping is something to give a shot, just be careful with not blowing those drivers with too much power. Using two speakers side by side is not a good idea, you'll get massive problems with comb filtering at frequencies above about 1kHz.