upgrading c-7 Jensen speakers?

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I have a pair of jensen c-7 speakers (1" tweeter, 2"mid range, and dual 6-1/2" woofers)

Here is what I want to do, since the sounds out of these speakers really sucks, the highs are too harsh and the lows are too weak. So I want to replace both tweeter and the mid range (since they are together) with the Dayton's 1-1/4" silk dome. And then I am going to get a two way Dayton's crossover cross at 2000hz. Now for the bass, I am either going to fill the cabinet, or replace those woofer with dayton's 6-1/2 woofers.

If I do all these upgrade, would it make my speaker more powerfull? I am using these speakers for rap music and club music. My reciever's out put is not that great I am thinking about under 50 watts per channel. And I am using these speakers as two channel stereo mode. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
Your results will be unpredictable. The woofers need to be matched to the cabinet volume (using those Thiele-Small numbers that you frequently see in catalogs) and since you can't reasonably change the drivers themselves, it's the cabinet that has to change. The usual way to go about things is to choose drivers that look like a good match to your needs and to each other, then design a cabinet that will work well with the woofers (and midranges, if they need cabinets of their own--some are totally enclosed, hence ready to fly). So if you've got to change the cabinet to match the woofers, you might as well start from the ground up.
In short--if you're listening to rap, and (presumably) listening at high volumes, I'd say the odds are stacked against you. Not only are you (unless by some wild coincidence your cabinet volume just happens to match what the woofers need) unlikely to get the nice smooth frequency response plot that you see in the charts, it may not play loud enough for you. Will you get sound out? Yes. Would you be happy with it? Maybe. Maybe not.
It's your money, the ball's in your court.
Good luck.

Before doing anything maybe you can enlighten us with the crossover?

I have a pair of jensens which sounds horrible when bought and was clearly due to crossover design. Ferrite core, crappy caps and the frequency was not even correctly crossed. Let alone any fs compensation.

I changed crossover using simple 1rst order using decent caps and aircore inductors and then it sounded fine.

Obviously the ultimate solution was to biamp the thing. see my page below if you want to know more.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.