Upgrades, improvement, tweek and triks your audio

Dear friends. I would like to start thread about any ideas and experience of upgrades, improvement, tweek and triks your audio system. Most likely serial produced mass product, but could be your own created.
I made youtube channel depo196 for visualization the processes.
My first film about improving 3 way active speaker Edifier R2700, by replacement the dome tweeters to Fountek Neo Cd 1.0 ribbon tweeters.
As result - sound quality became more clean, saturated bright and pleasant
Frequency range extends to 40 kHz and now it has 40 Hz-40 kHz
should you'll see this film, you'll see my hands and hear my voice, but I speak by Russian - please use subtitles - I made it for you and excuse my English.

Any other ideas about improving your audio setup we can consider here


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There are thousands of threads on here about tweaking audio systems. Generally they either relate to a particular item of equipment, or a particular type of tweak. Should we abandon all these and now post all tweaks in this new thread? This would make particular tweaks easier to find, because they would all be in just one place?