Upgraded Peavey TLS 4 CABS


2013-04-03 3:24 am
I picked up a set of TLS 4's with 2 blown 15's and one blown driver and two fried crossovers for $50. I did some research and with the help of Peavey's excellent customer service, I installed the TLS4X crossovers at $48 a piece, I installed 2 black widow 15 he's ($150), and I replaced the 14xt drivers with RX 22's drivers($150). I don't know what this system sounded like before but they punch you in the chest pretty good. I drive them with a crown Xs500 which pushes them @ 500 watts. Fully cranked the dome lights come on inside the cabinet, which means the electronic circuit breaker has tripped for the driver and the power is running through the 26W dome light. The stock 14 xt's are 25W continuous and the rx 22's are 70W continuous, I am wondering if they make a higher rated dome light or at least some cool colors I can run the 26W without worry of blowing the rx22's?:D
I am wondering if they make a higher rated dome light or at least some cool colors
:D :D

You are lucky if the polyswitchs of the "SoundGuard™ IV Tweeter Protections" are still working. Many times they need to be substituted after abuse. I wouldn't worry with the automotive lamps. Many times always() the crossover is calibrated for a certain power and frequency, what might be out of spec now and not doing it's job properly. If you are not sure maybe is not a bad idea living it alone. You are right that if you're using a higher power tweeter you probably need another polyS. If in parallel with the lamp it's sending the signal by the lamp what is wrong. But I don't think this is the case. If in series the lamp + the polyS then it always lights up with/at max output doing it's job with augmented resistance. Save it for Christmas. :)



2013-04-03 3:24 am
New ideas on hybrid TLS4 setup

Even though I have a more updated crossover and polyswitch The rx22's are "over powering" compared to the 14xt's, they must be more efficient or something, I am going to try tri-ampimg this setup and remove the passive crossover, I have a three way crossover, that way I can adjust individual volume levels to my taste. I will try to utilize the cd's polysitch protection circuit though. Why didn't I think of this before ordering the passive crossovers?
You can also consider using in line self powered tweeter protection techniques. They are quite effective and superior to the regular poly-switch lamp arrangement. There are ,many approaches towards this direction. Search Google to find out schematics related to this.
I searched few & had attached them here. Rest you have to decide.


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