Upgrade for Cerwin Vega 8" 2 way


2016-02-20 1:57 pm
I somehow find myself with 2 pairs of old CVs - both with re-foamed woofers. They are the D1, and CM-80. 8" woofer, 2 way with a cross over point of 3000 and 3500 for the newer CM-80.

SO, we have a lack of midrange. Please correct me, school me.. to improve these I should be looking at replacing the tweeters with something that can do more midrange and replacing the cross over to match the new tweeter. Take some of the midrange away from the woofer ???

One pair is headed for a 5.1 system that has a very nice Polk center speaker, lots of mids. The other pair will be used as a 2 speaker stereo set up. This is the pair that needs more mids the most.