Upgrade emotiva UPA-1 ? :)

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Hello all. I was thinking about Making some upgrades to one of my two mono block (Emotiva UPA-1) just to see if it is posible to get something more out of it. And then put it up to a scoop and see if i can see and hear a diffrence :) I am doing this as fun thing to do for a weekend project. What do you all think will it make a diffrence ? :)
First thing is changing The speaker connections...... they must be one of the cheapest there is. RCA connection maby ?. And then there is the caps, i have no Idea if the are any good at all, they are Seacon 10000uF 50v. I cant find any info at all on them so dont know if they are good or bad. If i was going to upgrade it, what whold be some good caps to change to, it dont have to be any high end caps just some that are known to be a good price/performance. If it Will cost 200€ to upgrade each then it might not be worth it ? All the small caps whold be cheap to change out so that i can do just to see if it makes a difference.

Tell me what you se that you whold change :)
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Lets test this


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It worked now :) i also found something strange om 3 places it says 4u7 but two of them are Rubycon 47uF and one is 4.7. Did someone make a misstake ? :p
What about the utput resistors of 5w 0.25 Ohm. Some say that that type make alot of noice, is it worth changing ? If so, what whold be the best thing ? Like i Said before this is just an experiment :) also the internat wires, maby getting shelded cabeles ?


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> utput resistors of 5w 0.25 Ohm. Some say that that type make alot of noice,

Any possible silly thing, SOME one will say it.

Many hi-fi systems run un-grounded perfectly well.

The speaker connectors look fine to me?

If you are displeased with the amp, sell it on.
Yes i have seen after a bit of looking around that alot of amps arent grounded and that people how had grounded some have Burt up :) just think it looked a bit strange at first,
That speaker connection feels super cheap and when you twist it it always makes a iretating noice, there are amps for under 70$ that have better connectors Then this. The big Brother XPA-1 got the ”normal” connectors.
I am not displeased with the mono blocks i like them (exept the connectors) i just want to see if they can be better with higher end components inside that is all. If it dosent make a change i will just have one amp where the parts will probobly live a litle but longer then the othere. If it sounds bad after the cap change i will just put them back, and i Will be out 50$ but i will know a litle but more
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