update for Lundahl OPT for TU-8800 and TU-8200

Just want to let you know... Lundhal LL2783C is working perfectly with TU-8800. Mr Fujita said few times. "It is very good". I am looking forward the 1st shipment in 4 weeks.

This is my recent conversation with Mr Per Lundahl:

In a previous conversation you mentioned that the Elekit people in Japan were impressed by the sound and quality of our transformers (in particular the LL2783C for TU-8800), and that they asked about some technical details to share with the DIY community.

The key to our transformer production is our winding technique. With stick winding and insulation between each layer of copper, the internal capacitance is reduced and the consistency is very high.

In order to control the quality of our products, we also manufacture our C-cores in house.

We recently made a video about our factory which can be found on youtube:


With the LL2783 (for Elekit TU-8800) we had a new challenge as the amplifier self-oscillated with our first transformer version. In LL2783B and LL2783C we managed to find a different winding structure which eliminated the oscillations. (LL278C is the final version for TU-8800. It sounds very (very) good. I should have stock in late February)

As far as I understand the modified TU-8200 amplifier has a similar topology and behaviour. I expect that the same winding structure could be used for a TU-8200 replacement/upgrade transformer if this would be of interest.
( We will offer Lundhal for TU-8200. The revised version will send to Mr Fujita's approval).

Stay TUNED....

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