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Hi All

For years I have wanted to build speakers but never been able to. Well the time is now. The thing is, I'm not that into high end audio and listed to music on spotify. We listen to a huge range of music, at a large range of volumes and currently have an old logitech 2.1 system. My substantially better half especially, likes a bit of doof doof, so something with good low end or something that has a sub to go with it would be great.

As to why I want to make it, I like to make stuff. I'm a engineer by trade and have access to wood and metal working equipment.

What would you recommend building?

thanks in advance
Steve H,

If you have space for a floor stander, this can be a good option:


Uses a wide-band (aka full-range) driver as a mid-tweeter with an 8" woofer in a transmission line cabinet. diyAudio member Vunce has done a proto build and is (very) happy with the sound quality and also the doof-doof output. :)

Do you have a separate amplifier / receiver? I am asking because you mentioned that you have a 2.1 Logitech system, and that would have the amplifier built into the sub-woofer box.
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I'm busy with a similar setup as zman01 for someone, but with a Faital 4FE32 in stead of the (more expensive) 10F8424 and that works also. And even if you don't follow that design, a waw (bookshelf or floorstander) is probally what you want.

The box i build has the 4FE32 in a 6.5L sealed box, and the woofer in a 25L sealed box. that gives you a good response between 32Hz (FS) and 19kHz when placed against a wall.

That subwoofer in a 50L ported cabinet can get you a lot lower also, but the cabinet is bigger.

But first you need to set your goal. What kind of size of speaker do you want, what response and what amp will you use with it to power the speakers. Otherwise it's a bit difficult to point you in the right diretion.
FR = "Full Range" - i.e. single driver with wide enough bandwidth frequency response to cover at least 7-8(?) octaves - satisfyingly enough for a lot of folks most of the time.

WAW (aka FAST); Wide bandwidth driver as described above, with Assistance in the lower octaves (usually several) via separate Woofers. The "ideal" mix of wideband driver size, XO frequency and number of woofers is still a subject of much debate, conjecture and posturing. I like to think of them as 2 way systems with lower crossovers than, say a 3/4" soft dome, ribbon or your favorite exotic flavor of HF transducer might comfortably endure.
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