unstable class-d kit youtube beware

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This is just terrible when I see this I understand why help on this forum has grown near void.

An example of a member on this forum selling a unstable class-d kit to a user complaining about music source material not being able to render correctly at the output during playback resulting in oscillation..

The humour is when he runs downstairs mistaking the amplifier for producing audible oscillations..

DIY ucd class D amp is bloody loud! - YouTube


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
To be clear, i only sold the power module as a kit.

The piece of protoboard was not intended to be included as it was my testing prototype, but the user wanted it anyways, so he knew very well it was a prototype board and not a complete working amplifier.
I got pretty surprised when Tekko told me that my shotty video made it here.

And yes, that protoboard was a crude prototype. I have now rebuilt the modulator on clad board. ( Manhattan style) and it's no longer unstable. It gives less carrier noise out and works very well. It's still a prototype in progress. but it's getting there.

The power module Tekko made is great. No complaints about that at all. It's just the modulator that needs some love.

Oh, and i forgot. When i ran back down, thinking it was starting to oscillate like mad. That was just the PSU choking cause i was modulating the amp too hard. I turned it down a dB and it stopped. I still need to build a proper PSU for the amp too. This is just work in progress..
The power module was cobbled together, and developed at home. I even watched a LIVE stream of Tekko building it.. He just CADed a board for it and ordered a batch.

Also, here is a followup video of the thing. Not behaving strange anymore. and sounding better.
DIY ucd Class D amp followup - YouTube

Also, Reactance, or should i say, "TheBinRay"? You should know, as you seem interested in audio gear, that a microphone with no AGC is going to distort like mad when exposed to high levels of sound pressure. Of course it's going to sound like crap. But it's not the amp that does..
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.