Unshure of class, but its the ultimate xmas amp

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@FE3D: nice job finding this!
You were right: the pictures are (at least to me) worth more than a thousand norwegian words ... as I don't speak that language. :cheerful:

After spending some time on analysis of the pictures the identified components let me suppose:
  • It's a true MOS FET amp (Made Of Sweets (as) Fully Eatable Type)
  • on leadfree PCB (Plain Condimental (ginger)Bread is undoubtfully leadfree)
  • the "sweet spot" should be tremendous 360° even with crappiest speakers
  • extremely energy efficient - at least good for 'energy star 2010'
  • completely solder free mounting, 100% biologically recyclable
  • fully RoHS-compliant by design

Possible improvements (effect depends on storage conditions):

1. The four coco-flaked cream cakes should be asap replaced as they tend to turn sticky after just some days and will become very dry and hard in the end ().
Substituting them with precision wound angel cake rods might solve this issue - look out for sugarcoated and thoroughly chocolate shielded rods, they are bit more expensive but worth it. Proper shielding is crucial as you all know.

2. The "donut-tranny" contains a bit too much "oil and grease" leading to near field air problems and sensual irritations when left inside the system for a longer time. Okay, this is primarily no acoustic issue but as propably most will use this amp inhouse we'll have to address this, too.
What you should know: this donut shaped fat oil toroid behind the front cover exists only to accomodate class-P newbies that want a big amp to have an imposing toroidal transformer, too. This item is for marketing purposes only and technically unnecessary.
The solution for this is simple: detach and dispose it. You'll be rewarded with awfully improved olfactory longterm stability!

That amp is definitely ingenious!
Don't run again for all your highly recommended battpacks, linear or switched supplies or ...: you won't need them anymore!
Since "Class P" there is no more fuss with power supplies, no low or high voltage limit, no more discussion about ripple and noise, ESR or things like that.
Sorry for all voodoo plug and cable vendors out there but "Class P" with it's special "zero power consumption formula" has perfectly overcome the eternal bottleneck of amps you are addressing with your products.

Being hardcore diy'er I now long for the days after x-mas when gingerbread, x-mas cookies and other important components are sold out half price in town - to build an 8ch Class P at a fraction of it's usual price...

Btw: does anyone know a brand offering rackmount-bread?

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.