Unreliable companies.

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I have sat in all day today waiting for a parcel to be delivered and a visit from my power company to check my gas meter.
Neither turned up !

I also tried to buy a laser for a mobile disco.
1/ Bought it on ebay then was told out of stock so got a refund.
2/ Bought another online but it arrived with 3 parts missing, they took it back the refunded me.
3/ Bought another laser online and it arrived without any keys to turn it on.

What happened to good old good customer service ?
Nope IR.

The way a typical green laser module works is that it starts with an 808nm diode laser (Very much near IR), which pumps a laser crystal (NdYVO4 usually) which lases at 1064nm (Near IR), this is doubled by a second harmonic generator crystal inside the cavity (Often KTP) to give 532nm green.

The trouble is that while the output mirror is theoretically 100% reflecting to the 1064nm radiation, in practise some leaks, and the intra cavity power at 1064nm is orders of magnitude greater then the 532nm power, so it does not take much leakage to produce sufficient IR power to pose a serious ocular hazzard.

A £199 laser system by the way is a scary cheap rig.

Regards, Dan.
It went when prices got shaved to the bone.....
IMHO, if I were the owner of a company, I'd ask to myself, why care about it? Customers ain't gonna loyal as they use to. I am too young enough to not have know it, but time agor there were only a few major tech companies, so people say "I like Panny" or "I'm only going with SONY".
Now people say "Hey, that unknow chinese brand has almost the same product at a dirty cheap price, I'm going with it". One year later that company is merged or it just dissapear. So why make an effort in gaining customer's loyalty?
Some of us are old enough and silly enough to want to reward good products and excellent service if only we could find them. We are even happy to pay a little extra for them. Sadly, the senior management of many companies are now too young to know how to build a long-term business as they can't see further than their next annual bonus.

If you treat your customers properly, then you don't need to spend much money on advertising or 'branding'.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.