unregulated ps for zen v4


I’m new member to the forum, but I’ve been reading your posts for months. I didn’t sign in earlier just because I was not ready to undertake any new projects. My background doesn’t have anything to do with EE, so here and there I might be asking some very simple questions.
My first DIY project was Zen revisited with 3A bias some years ago ... actually I made 2 pairs, run them balanced, and they are still working without any problems. Since here in Croatia none of my friends have a slightest idea about electronics, I was pretty much on my own (except for very kind and prompt e-mails from N. Pass, of course!). It’s really great to be here with you all and to have an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions!

Recently I made Zen variation 2, and I must say that it is much livelier than my balanced original Zen. Now I want to build Z4, but I’m not sure about something so here I’m asking for your kind suggestions.

I have two 30-30 300 VA transformers which are now in my Z2, and I would like to use them in Z4 power supply. The problem is that these produce ca 41 - 42 V unregulated, so using them for regulated PS would be a complete waste of power.

My question is: can I simply use the unregulated supply with original Z4 schematics or should I use constant current source to bias ZVP3310 (or IRF 9610, whichever I choose to put in) ??? :confused: What do you think will work better?

Thanx for replies!

Boris Bjedov