Unknown 5.25" Drivers -any suggestions?

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I bought a pair of these for the sheer hell of it in a local electronics store a while ago, and they've been sitting in their boxes ever since: only just found them again. £12.47 each. Not bad for the price.
They're generic full-rangers with a paper cone, very large magnet (or I think it is!) for their size and price, rubber surround and a small paper whizzer cone -reminds me of the RS 1354 in certain ways. No markings came on the box, other than a lable marked 'Eagle' and their model number: LO22B and they don't come with any T/S parameters either. As they're not much use without, I trundled back to the shop earlier to see if they could throw some light on the matter. The answer is; not really. They were in a catalogue that most shops like that get for their own benefit and use for ordering, simply titled 'Electronics' and dated from either 2001 or 2002, and the only parameters available in this are as follows:

Impedance 8 Ohm
Nominal Power handling 45w
Max power 60w
Frequency response 63Hz - 20 KHz
Fr 63Hz
Sens. 1w /1m 92db
Magnet weight 567g
Overall weight 985g

Not much help. Anyone out there ever run across these before, and have any better information? And, of course, know them or no, has anyone any frugal suggestions please about what to do with them! They work perfectly and are band new, so it'd be a shame to leave them in their boxes, though I'm not expecting the earth -I'll stick with my usual Fostex drivers for that! I was thinking of a TQWT or perhaps open baffle...
I'll try to take a picture and post it soon, if I can ever get my digital camera to work.

Cheers for now
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Originally posted by Scottmoose
I'll try to take a picture and post it soon, if I can ever get my digital camera to work.

A picture would be really helpful... the name Eagle came up a long time ago with reference to some other FRs we were discussing on the FR Forum. A european brand of a speaker known over here as something else. A picture would probably jog my memory.

If you have a 'puter measuring T/S is pretty easy. Speaker Workshop for Windows (althou i understand the UI & setup are a bit of a bear), and now for those of us running Macs & OS X, URL=http://www.fuzzmeasure.com/]FuzzMeasure[/URL] which is dead simple to use and only requires a really simple jig (as simple as a spare 4mm phone audio cable, a 1k R & an 8R calibration)

Nuuk said:

Electrovision sell some similar drivers here and on their home page they list a brand called Eagle. :att'n: Could this be a clue?

Good call! Here they are -listed as the 5.25" full-ranger 'speakers and cabs', '3 - 5.25" ', Electrovision chassis.


I'll try to post some better pictures and get some decent T/S parameters measured over the next day or so. Hardly Fostex or Lowther, but, as I say, not bad for the money.

Ah, now there's a thought. Wasn't it Russ Andrews who liked v. light-weight or thin-wall construction to keep stored energy down?

That's quite right Scott. It was RA who started me on that road. He recommended 12mm chipboard bonded to 12mm insulation board and that does work very well.

Taking things a step further, I built a speaker from 50mm thick polystyrene sheet (from a builder's merchants) and that was one of the best (boxed) speakers I have ever heard. I intend to try it again sometime using a full-range driver!

There has been at least one commercial polystyrene boxed speaker that got very high reviews. :smash:
I have just recieved a pair of these drivers from Rapid on line to build a set of computer speakers to mate with my old sonic T amp.

At £8.68 each plus vodka n tonic i thought it was worth having a go

I have attached the Rapid data sheet with T/S parameters.

Rapid part no is 35-1402


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Cal Weldon said:
That attachment seems to be corrupt.

Here you go Cal... i didn't have problems with it...



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Has anyone made any speakers with this driver yet ?

I have done a bit of modeling in winISD standard and will probably try 8.3 lt boxes with 188mm long 130x12mm vent.

The drivers have a shiny coating on the cone, but the frames seem quite thin. Thoughts on tweaks anyone. Should i try to strengthen them with epoxy putty, or just blutack type damping on the spider and gap between frame and magnet?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I stuffed them into a pair of BIBs a couple of years ago -original TC version as I didn't have any T/S parameters at the time. They worked well enough. If I built them again I'd use a much shorter line though -about 95in or so. I used some trad. window putty on the spider, though they didn't ring much. Not hifi, but they're musical & good for cheapies. Their only problem is the Monacor SPH-60X, which doesn't cost much more and genuinely is hifi.
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