Universal Remote for Rotel RCD-855?

I'm looking at an old Rotel RCD-855. (I was looking at building a NOS dac, but I don't really like my transport, and the 855 is cheap enough, so I though, why not get it-all-in-one?). In any case, I'm following an auction for one that is missing the remote. Does anybody know if a cheapie universal will work on something like this? Sorry if this is a stupid question,

Hi PJ,

I have used a Philips on my Rotel and vice versa. Marantz also uses the same signalling and who knows how many more manufacturers do as well.

The RCD-855, I believe uses a CDM4/19. It is at least decent if not better than that! A few mods and you will be quite surprised!

I think it will be very easy to find something!

Good luck!