Unipivot tone arm set up.


2012-12-28 11:09 pm
Hi everyone, this thread follows on from my thread about belt placement on my turntable. Turntable and tonearm were both ordered from China & turned out to be a mahoosive mistake. Before this turns into a China bashing thread, let me just say that I also ordered a little dot Mark 4 head amp & its the best thing I've ever bought from anywhere or for any hobby.
Its just this particular firm that couldn't find its own bum with both hands, a compass, torch & google maps!!!! I wont even bother listing the silly mistakes they made, but, for someone with proper knowledge of turntables it could still be seen as a bargain because they'd find it easy to fix their mistakes.

Anyway, back to the arm. Its a unipvot arm that seems to have multiple pivot points. Not sure if that is another one of their mistakes or if its the azimuth adjustment they claim this arm has because I certainly can't find any other adjustment method. The set up question is about the anti skating weight. I seem able to have the arm with complete movement, I mean not touching either side of the pivot point or touching against one side. Depending on which way round I hang the weight & which pivot point I use, I can somehow still get a near perfect azimuth position either way so not sure if free movement is better or the extra stability of having of it resting against one side. I've done a very crude drawing of what I mean & I've attached a couple of pics of the arm. If anyone can help, that would be great. Thanks