Unibox mentor??


2002-03-01 2:51 am
My first project and looking for an initial mentoring/review on my final plans since I plan on spending a good deal of time on the
cabinets and some bucks on the hardware. Any experts out there?? ;-)

Anyway, use is for home theater. (sub is next project)

3 MTM's on the front. SS2905 tweet and (91SPL) and seas
W18EX001 (88SPL) for the midbass. Vented design.
Q: Do I have to tune the box +3db to match the tweet?

2 MT's on the back, same drivers. Also looking at the vented.

Tuning was done in unibox, db (tkdb.ddb) attached. Haven't added bracing, x-over, etc to final construction volume, yet. Also, have not gotten to the x-over yet, although thinking 3rd order butterworth.

Any 'disaster' correction advice would be much appreciated.



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