Unibit Rules!


2003-10-11 4:37 pm
I just finished drilling some holes using a Unibit. This thing is the best!

Why didn't I know about this earlier?

I drilled some 1/2" holes into a plastic case and it was a piece of cake. For the previous holes I drilled, I switched the regular bit about 7 times going from small to large to avoid cracking the plastic.

With the Unibit, I just drilled through until I got the right size. Brilliant!

Hello all are these the same ones ?


Sound like the answer to my problems

Because when i drill on aluminium panels to put phono sockets in the drill bids tend to drift 1or 2 mm up down left or right. This might be because it’s a soft metal but it’s still a pain .

These bits are a bit pricey or they always this price.

Many thanks David
You guys are right on the money with the unibits Great rigs.
Has anyone tried the inexpensive set from Princess Auto. They were on sale a while ago but I missed getting one.
You can also use the bit to debur the other side. works good.
Try a small pilot hole to keep the big bit from drifting.