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Hi folks, just new to site so nice to meet you all :)

Im currently in the last 4 months of a music technology degree and plan to do a speaker modification build as my final project.

I have recently purchased a cheap set of Jamo D 365 speakers to modify, initially i wanted to build a speaker from scratch but due to restricted access to workshops this was unachievable. The plan is to take a measurement of the speakers in their original state and then take a measurement after each modification process to document the improvements or vise versa.

The type of modifications i plan to do are as follows:

Driver replacement. Was thinking of going with Fane drivers as i have tested a turbo sound system and was impressed with the results.

Building a passive crossover

replacing all wiring and connections and adding speakon connectors.

Modifying the cabinet.

Adjusting cabinet damping.

Constructing a heat sync to reduce thermal compression.

One idea i have is to counter sync the mid driver and horn load the cone driver, similar to turbo sounds mid device although this may be difficult :confused:

Anyway i was wondering if you kind folk of diyaudio could sugest other quality driver makes, websites to purchase parts and accessories and ideas that i could research to complete my project. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated :) Forgot to mention i will only be modifying one speaker due to being a skint student! lol also i have a budget of around £250 thanks
download Unibox (free) to help with modelling the cabinet
download ARTA (free) & use a simple jig to help with measurement

Re: driver replacement, model the existing driver & the replacement candidate in Unibox before you do anything, replacement isn't simply a matter of swapping drivers,
& the Jamo is probably well designed in the first place...

To do well all the things you suggest would involve a considerable amount of learning, I suggest you don't be too ambitious for the time you've got...


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.