Undergraduate Audio Survey

Hello all,

I am a mature student designing a high end system for smaller rooms as my graduating project (Bachelor of Product Design, Unitec - Auckland, New Zealand). As part of my project, I have written a survey designed quantify how people think about, and use, audio equipment. I would be very appreciative if anyone could follow the link and complete it. It does not take long and will be an invaluable help to me in the design process. I should note that despite 'Product Design' moniker sending some of you to the hills, I am a lifelong audiophile who has handbuilt many of my own audio contraptions (SET - 2A3, 45, 50, Gainclones, linear tracking tonearms, suspensions and many loudspeakers). Currently, I have basically parked all the technical aspects in order to concentrate on the pure design aspects of the project. However, it is very important that I don't just use my own ideas about what should be, but rather understand what audio equipment means to various people. It's my first survey, so it is not perfect, but I have already learnt a bunch just writing it! There is a link at the end of the survey to a website that tracks the project.

Thanks for and survey completions and comments,


Audio Survey