Ultra quiet DC supply +12/-12/+12?


2005-08-28 5:37 pm
Some reason the search isn't working right now on the board so if this has in anyway been answered my apologies.

I've been playing around with separate power supplies to my Audio Note Dac board with improving sonic results. Now that its decoupled from the main supply I want to build an ultra quiet supply.

The board calls for +12/-12/+12 and their associated grounds. Any ideas or advice are welcome. I have had good results with switching supplies for other applications but don't know if it is what will work here.


2005-08-28 5:37 pm
Why yes, I am lazy. :)

Thanks George I'll check them out.

Looks cool. I guess I would have to get the dual to give me enough outputs. I emailed them a question.

One thing about the ps is I do want it to be stout. I noticed the ps I'm using now while quieter because its separate it doesn't have as much dynamics when I was hooked up to the main ps.
Lots of people have an irrational knee-jerk affinity for shunt regulators. There's nothing that makes a shunt necessarily superior in any given application.
Amen brother.

While shunt regs look like a good bet - just like series regulators - the devil is in the details. In the case of teh shunt reg, the devil is two-fold: one needs the same level of error-amp/correction performance as in a series reg and you also need excellent, wideband current-source performance.

The latter isn't quite as easy as many think! (hint: a resistor just doesn't cut it)

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Martin, that's a very insightful article about the LM317. Have you looked at the new LT3080 regulator? It's designed have the reference pin driven be either the classic resistor, or with a zener, or a voltage reference, or even driven actively. Very cool, and achieves what you're talking about with the REF resistor on the LM317.