Ultra-Compact (Sub 2-inch) Super-Loud Driver for Voice / Speech

Hello everyone.

Seek your inputs on choice of loudest possible driver for voice / speech applications which can fit in a sub 2-inch diameter circular cutout.

Weather and ingress protections are highly desirable due to nature of the application.

Presently, have homed on to the following: -


However, cost being no object, want something which can go really really loud.
By loudest you mean the highest output, not the most sensitive?
first of all thanks a ton for helping out.
loudest = highest SPL, i.e. best combination of power and sensitivity.

Will you cross it so it doesn't play bass?
yes, and anything else possible to increase loudness and intelligibility of voice / speech in a noisy background.

Can it be bigger than 2" if the cutout is only 2"?
It can be, but not much... say 2.5-inch max. the baffle is a metal plate with limited space.

GM, thanks to start with. I will be using a capacitor in series to block the bass.
jan.didden, basic engineering tells me that max extractable SPL from a loudspeaker will be proportional to its sensitivity (SPL at 1W at 1m) and power rating. since the first figures is in DB (ratio) and second is a unit, some conversion will be required. if both are converted to DB, they can simply be added, else need to be multiplied.

but in a loudspeaker, other factors like Xmax may get exceeded before you can extract that loudness. hence, it may not be as simple, and enclosure / environment will play a big role. to complicate further, which power rating will be relevant - maximum or program?

overall, it can be complicated.
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If you fix your constraint to a 2” diameter piston, then sensitivity, power handling and excursion all help.

At higher frequencies excursion matters less. So then thermal power handling eg. Voice coil size and number of turns matter. But the bigger the voice coil the high the moving mass so then and sensitivity goes down. So you need a lighter cone/suspension. eg. Mms and more powerful motor eg. BL

At low frequencies its Vd matters more.




Here’s a shortlist:

My votes are for-


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Assuming a direct radiator
Sensitivity for 2" drivers is rather limited.
81 to 84 dB

Max thermal typical to 15 to 40 watts.
Linear excursion 1 to 3mm

Drivers with high xmax make the usual tradeoff
of less senstivity, so max SPL over a broad range of products
on paper may seem better / worse.

But overall Max SPL relatively the same.

Outdoor applications will use a more weatherproof
cone. And usual coated frame

Misco specializes in outdoor waterproof cones
and has numerous 3" speakers for voice range.
Sensitivity also much higher around 84 to 88 dB
Such as Part # RDC3WI

Misco Outdoor 3"

Otherwise outdoor voice would be voice range Horn
Since direct radiators very limited in SPL

3" wont get close to 110 dB at full power
and most horns easily do that at 1 watt
And can go up to 115 to 120 dB
with 10 to 20 watts



Far as direct radiator 91 dB
Faital Pro 3FE25


Or Celestion AN2075
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