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Ultimate twin TDA1541a DAC kit w/ tube output stage

This is a kit I built with no compromise on the parts quality a few years ago. It is a non-oversampling design using two of the venerable TDA1541A DAC chip. It is a very reveiling yet musical and punchy DAC. It uses 3 transformer to completely isolate the digital to the analog board. The parts using throughout are very high quality audiophile grade including FRED diodes, BlackGate caps (nude), Holco and Kiwame resistors, etc… The analog board is all tube, and has the option of using 2 tubes: 6DG8 or 6C45. The tubes in the output stage are NOS 6DJ8 Hewlett Packard that sound excellent.

The coaxial input is BNC, but can easily be changed to RCA if needed. I'm including an optional connector, no soldering required.

The case is a heavy duty steel case. Even though it says Satch from DIY Hifisupply, it is a completely different design. The kit only included the PCBs and transformers. I was offered the case as an option if I needed a complete kit.

Asking price: $450 obo
This is a steal at this price. I am in the process of building a similar design and I am already at $450 and counting for parts alone. If I hadn't already started on mine I would have jumped on this deal. Good luck, I wouldn't take any less for it, in fact I wouldn't have listed it at $450, I would have gone higher knowing what goes into these.