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Ultimate No Holds Barred Ag 3' PC

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Hey Jeff,

How about a recipe for a PC in all Silver. Including weave configuration and connectors. Cost no object.

Maybe using this- Neotech Solid UPOCC Silver in Teflon 18 AWG Blue, Sonic Craft

Or 16awg if available.

I am planning on an electrician reconfiguring my outlets and will be able to put my pre-amp and /or DAC within a few feet of the outlet. I am thinking about making a 3' PC. BTW, is there such a thing as being too close to the outlet? Or a PC being too short?

So... thinking about experimenting w all silver PC's and maybe a silver outlet if they exist.

And what level does DIY not make sense and it's better to just buy off the shelf and let the experts design the goods. ("experts" are debatable although I think Neotech stuff is for real).

Congrats on the new site. Look forward to using it in the near future.

I am not a power cable guru. Especially when it comes to a cost no object PC. If you are looking for detail, air, transient attack, etc... Perhaps Silver is the answer. Purity is an issue with conductors...

While cable length could have some tuning issues, this would depend on the design. However, my main concern would be how close are you to the cable in the wall. Is it shielded, etc... You have to consider that you would potentially be bringing your ICs, and circuitry itself, closer to a likely unshielded AC main. Many systems use unshielded ICs...

When using Silver cables, many find good results with various combinations of connectors and plates. So, you likely would not use Silver all the way. The type and purity of the Silver in pure Silver AC connectors is generally less than optimal (read this as bright/hard).

DIY is always cheaper if done right. Further, DIY is where I am at, so... Only you can make this decision.

We are still working some bugs out of the new site, but thank you for your kind words :) Tell me more about your system, and the direction you would like to take the sound. There are two good geometries we can discuss, but I need to know where you are headed.

BTW, I do have an exact copy of the NEP-3003 with OCC Silver instead of Copper. While this may not be “exactly” what you are after, I am going to make a hell of a deal on it. ;)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.