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Ultimate Focal Raven

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It does not get any better than this, but likes some good space. You got it? Then read on....:D

We are not too far from Bay Area, CA

Driver Complement per channel:
• One Raven R-2 - pure ribbon tweeter
• Two Focal Audium 7K - 7" Poly Kevlar cone midranges
• Two Focal Audium 15VX - 15" Polyglass cone woofers

The crossovers were designed and tested by Joe D'Appolito (originator of the "D'Appolito Configuration" ) and he also designed the cabinet parameters including cabinet size and woofer vent dimensions. Cabinet construction was provided by a professional carpenter.

These beautifully designed, acoustically accurate speakers were custom designed with no limitations other than need to fit through a doorway.

Many Special Features:

• Professionally designed and tested crossover units
• Five layer internal acoustic damping system
• High strength internal bracing system • Anti-diffraction foam fronts • Acoustically transparent grill cloth • All drivers acoustically isolated from cabinets
• Five degree angled mid-tweeter section
• System includes Cardas binding post cables (for single amp/single wiring) • Two sets of gold/rhodium binding posts (providing bi-amp/bi-wire capability) • Mid-tweeter crossover in acoustically separate enclosure accessible through rear of mid- tweeter section.
• Overall height: 67" • Overall width: 17.75" • Overall depth: 32"
Cabinet Materials: Zebrawood veneers and sold edging, 1 - 2.5 MDF
System Weight: 750 lbs. (125lbs. each mid-tweeter section, 250lbs. each woofer section)
Yes, they rock.
Any questions, more detailed pictures let me know.
Thanks, Brad


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