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(UK) Supravox 165-2000, 285GMF, Radian 475Pb

(UK) Supravox 165-2000, 285GMF, Radian 475Pb, MiniDSP

For sale in the Uk:
To fund the Tannoys, I have the following DIY speaker bits for sale:

1x Pair Supravox 165-2000 (mk1) full range drivers - **£700**
Bought new in 2018, originally out of spec so returned to Supravox to be re-manufactured, now a very well matched pair.

Supravox 165-2000 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

1x Pair Supravox 285GMF mid bass drivers - **£350**
Bought new in 2019, very low use.

Supravox 285GMF by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

1x Pair Radian 475PB (16 Ohms) - **£200**
Bought second hand in 2019,very little use.

Radian 475PB by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

1x Pair Faital Pro LTH102 Horns - **£50**
Bought new 2019, installed once and then boxed.

FaitalPro LTH102 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

1x MiniDSP 2x4HD - £180
Used, comes with remote/power cable/original packaging.

MiniDSP 2x4HD by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
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