UK/EU transformer manufacturers

Does anyone know of a manufacturer of high quality high power toroidal power transformers (willing to supply custom models in small quantities, i.e 2-4) in the UK or EU?

I'm reluctant to add to the expected painful costs by going to Plitron or whoever and paying for shipping heavy weights across the Atlantic.

All suggestions welcome, thanks!

Claus - thanks, I think I've found a UK supplier now - thanks to your mention of microns, which was the search term I was missing..

Gordon - thanks, but I could only see output trafos, not power ones, on that website - should I presume from your reply that they do power ones on request?

Jason - thanks, I'd been there, but they seem to have a minimum custom order of 10 coupled with an anti-hobbyist message! Have you had more positive contact with them?

Thanks again, all.