UK electricity EON price reduction

EON reduced the price of 1year fixed price contract to domestic by 15.5% last week.

I am a customer.
They did not Email me about the price reduction even though I am only 12days away from my existing 1year contract ending.

The new contract is @ 9.66p/kWh + 16.422p/day
I can't find any other supplier that is cheaper for 3000 to 3500kWh/annum.


Paid Member
2007-09-15 8:14 am

Currently we are with Scottish Power 13.519p/kWh + 20.55p/day and 5.417p/kWh night rate.
Most of our heavy usage is at the night rate.

God darn people who can choose power suppliers...
Since privatisation, we have ended up with a stupid system.
Instead of one Nationalised company making, distributing and selling electricity or gas to the nation's customers we now have hundreds of private companies each wasting resources on duplicating all the overheads and paying shareholders a return. And we now require an enormous regulatory overhead, in attempts to prevent misbehaviour by our private suppliers who have the shareholders to answer to, instead of answering to their customers.
This waste increases prices to the customers.