Well Spain is a pretty dirty country and I hate that. Hate to see the streets littered with trash, but, as I was saying, what do you guys expect? Everything looks normal to me, nothing to see here, move on.
That's nothing compared to what you will see in San Isidro easter in quite some days in Madrid, right? I think we have just get used to see that amount of trash, just clean it up and good to go.


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
Remember what it said in the article.
"Despite the large number of people city officials know will gather every year on April 20, the city does not provide any additional garbage cans or portable toilets for the event."

Maybe there was nowhere else but the ground to put the trash. Most events like that in the USA are remarkably clean - so much more than they used to be before the 1980's. The US was filthy before the 70s-80s. 15,000 people in the park can generate a lot of trash. When they are all stoned and have no trash cans? I would say it is NOT typical at all. :no:
There are no "hippies" today.
All the "hippies" today are essentially grandfather age.

Back when there were hippies, many were concerned about leaving trash behind and helped to clean up, fwiw.

Actually there were no "hippies" - that be a derogatory term applied to young people who were anti-establishment and had long hair by the media.

These people are more like "wilding youth".