Tympany Acoustic subs...any thoughts??

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Newbie here with his first post, so please bear with me.

I have been looking for a solid mid-level sub to complete my system and came across an interesting one on UBID called TPS15 Tympany Acoustics. They are/were mfg. by Amtec speaker company in Canada. The subs bosts big specs, but for the low, low price that they're going for I believe that it's probably a sheep in wolf's clothing? I've scoured the web and can't find
a single piece of info on it, which is also concerning. Ca anyone
here shine some light on these?

OTPH, I have also been reading up on the various sonotube
subs, and have been very impressed. I am handy, and have the tools, but have no clue on the exact parts required (excluding the basics like amp and speaker and tube and MDF). What are the other components required and how are they wired together?

Thanks much!

Port configuration...do ports *have* to be staight??

Thanks for the replies. I've looked far and wide and have been reading a multitude of posts regarding sonotubes. What I'm really looking to build is a stout chamber, on the order of 24" Wide x ~25" tall. I've only found a few using similar dimensions,
and my next question is in regards to one of their port designs.
Tuned to ~19 Hz, and faced with a stout chamber, the port design incorporated dual mirror image 4" ports that were each 35" long.

As you can see, the ports were unique in that they incorporate two 90 deg. bends. The ports originated from a vent next to the driver and are appox. 15" long, then incorporate a 90 Deg bend which connects to a 10 " pipe (horizontal to the driver), and are followed by another 90 deg. bend, followed by a 10" pipe which terminates over the driver.

It doesn't appear to create the smoothest path, but will it work
sufficiently? Are there other porting options given a 24"x~25"
sonotube chamber??

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BAM said:
A healthy 250-watt plate amp can be had at Parts Express. It's nice.

Some good values in plate amps can also be had at ApexJr. They also have a bundle with anApexSr amp + a Stryke SAE1024. (We got one of these woofers for my cabinet maker -- now i want some for myself -- they are a real bargain). Steve at ApexJr is a real standup guy and i can heartily recommend him.

These will work in a vented or a sealed box... personally i prefer sealed (or TL).

No, ports do not have to be perfectly straight. Often, 2 or 3 pieces of PVC pipe are used with curved elbows in order to properly fit the ports in a small box. Or, if the straight port fits but there isnt enough room between the end of it and the enclosure wall, curved elbows are again used. You shouldnt have to worry too much about airflow. Just use port flares on both ends, brace your ports inside the box, and you should be able to do just fine if you use a large enough diameter port.
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