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Two Linear Power amps, and two ID10 D4 V2's

It's a shame to let these high end amps collect dust any longer. I have a DPS200 and a DPS350. Both amps are in excellent condition. They were used for about a year before I sold my car. I never reinstalled them, and they have been sitting in the closet collecting dust. Same goes for the Image Dynamic subs. They're D4 V2's (4ohm, DVC coils). Also in excellent condition.

Both amps have an 80hz filter on them that can be set to high or low pass. The DPS200 is 4ohm mono stable, the 350 is 2ohm mono stable.

I'd like $110 shipped for the 200, and $175 shipped for the 350. I will let the subs go to the best reasonable offer. I'll take pictures for any whom are seriously interested. Email, post here, or PM me. Thanks guys.

DPS 200
RMS power 4ohm 12.5v (40x2, 125x1)
RMS power 4ohm 14.4v (50x2, 165x1)
RMS power w/music (60x2, 200x1)
THD (.008%)
S/N (115db)

RMS power 4ohm 12.5v (70x2, 215x1)
RMS power 4ohm 14.4v (95x2, 290x1)
RMS power w/music (100x2, 350x1)
THD (.009%)
S/N (115db)

ID10 D4 V2 (have 2)
Re 1.9/7.6
Fs 24.7
Qes .389
Qms 3.67
Qts .352
Vas 2.75cuft.
Xmax 11mm
Sd 350cm2
Pwr 150rms/300max