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Twisted Pear Audio Gear! Aleph X PCB's and F1 Amp PCB's


2008-12-08 11:46 pm
I have a
Twisted Pear Audio gear (assembled but barely used)
1) One Opus DAC (WM8740) --> SOLD
2) One Opus USB Receiver/DAC (PCM2707) --> SOLD
3) One OTTO --> $20.00
4) One TP SPDIF 4:1 Mux (CS8416) --> $85.00
5) One LCDPS --> SOLD
6) Two LCBPS --> SOLD
7) Two Twisted Pear Audio Diamante SE PCB --> SOLD
8) Two Aleph X PCB's --> SOLD
9) Two F1 Amp PCB's with corresponding Power Supply Board --> $30.00
10) PA150 4 PCB's by Alex88 bare --> SOLD
11)120VAC to 115VAC toroid. Amperage is 8.25 and VA is 948.75 Great for an Isolation Xformer. --> $40.00

I'll add more in a bit I'm sorting inventory..I'm branching into a new hobby and this stuff is laying around not being used. Shipping all depends on where its going but I'll do my best and use Flat rate boxes from USPS. I'd like to keep this in the US, but I'm flexible.

International shipping is ~$12 and up
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