Tweters on rear of FR cabinet?

Hi everyone!

Having recently built a pair of FR loudspeakers (the metronomes, actually...) I have found myself wanting a little more in the extreme treble department... The 6" fostex do sound very nice, but some things such as cymbals lack a bit of "sparkle" for lack of a better word...

I know that the whole idea behind FR speaker design is to eliminate phase distortion/ source position ambiguity by using one single driver rather than many... but is there any way to incorporate a tweeter in such a way as not to interfere with the imaging and coherency of a FR configuration?

I have a question regarding tweeter placement on some FR designs...

On several designs I have seen around here- the builders have actually put a tweeter on the BACK of the cabinet... facing away from the listener, towards the wall I suppose... Is this done to inject a little more [diffuse] high-frequency sound into the listening room, while detracting little from the system's ability to "image"?


I like them in front. Use an L-PAD and adjust to taste.


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It's good on the back too.

I do it to preserve the look of a single driver on the front of the cabinet but also because i think it sounds good when the treble is diffused off the back wall. Sometimes a front facing tweeter calls too much attention to itself. Facing it backwards takes off the edge and reduces fatigue IMO. Both ways work. I just like putting them on the back.