Tweeter Troubleshooting - Help!


2010-12-07 7:31 am
I have been a lurker for a while, and I recently made an account. I have the DIY bug (it's bad!), and would like to build a tube amp and a set of speakers from scratch. I have a bit more lurking to do before we get into that (at this point, I am so overwhelmed, that I don't know where to start...).

In any case, right now I have a more immediate issue with my current home theater system is giving me a bit of trouble, and I was hoping to have some help troubleshooting it. The problem is that the tweeter intermittently goes out. I have purchased a new tweeter, but the problem persists. I have measured the resistance of the wires, and wiggled them quite a lot to see if the resistance would change, thus indicating a problem with the wire itself (I made that little test up, so if there is actually a legitimate way to test a wire, please let me know!).

My skill set: I have a small grasp on electronics and ohms law. Basically, I can identify parts and give a high school explanation of their workings. I can also turn on my multimeter.

I have attached a picture of the crossover, and have labeled the components just to make any needed communication easier. This x-over is the only thing between the tweeter and the source. This is a center channel, and the highs don’t go in and out in the R and L channels.

Where should I look next?! Thanks.


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