Tweeter recomendation wanted for SEAS MCA 15RCY open baffle project.

Can someone please recommend a tweeter that might be o.k. to run with the SEAS MCA 15RCY mid. I am running this mid on a small open baffle & XO is 1st order over a very nice 12" fullranger also in OB, I also want the tweeter to be able to take just a cap for XO & if I have to will pad it. I would like to keep it @ 150.00 per tweeter max if possible. Please no ribbon recomdation as I know full well they need steep slopes & to shine..I had G2 etc. Domes are fine, but am game for any good recommendation to try. The Seas is going on a very small baffle of only 10 x 16 attached to the top of a 24x24 baffle that has the 12" FR's & then my dual selaed subs take all 80hz down. Amp will be 22W of 300B..
J & G