Tweeter Box Crossover with Ribbon and Bullet Dome Tweeters

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Hello-Im new to forum so bear with me if I seem uninformed-Im working on tweeter box to upgrade frequency response for DVD-A Titles with my current system-Ill be using 2 tweeters per box-1 Realistic Bullet Super tweeters 40-1310 8 ohms, Internal cross-over.-- Freq. response is 5000- 40,000 Hz
and 1 Foster Ribbon Tweeter I found after reference from this site
They were out of stock so googled Foster Ribbon Tweeter and found them here
My question is How to best wire them to run from my 8 ohm speaker feeds from amplifier since both are rated at 8 ohms and the Fosters require a 6,4000 HZ crossover-The realistic has a built in crossover.
my box will be simple closed wooden box found here
Ive never built a crossover but I imagine a 2nd order crossover modified for high frequency or just inline capacitors will work -I need details part #s etc.especially on how to link the 2 8ohm so will be compatable with my amp.thanks for any and all help-doccbst
Still working on this--anybody ever tried parallel/series combo with 2 8 ohm speakers--it should result with close to 8 ohms--but the calculations are beyond my math skills--Im waiting on digital multimeter to check--cant order caps until determine exact ohm of setup--any help appretiated
Almost there!!-recieved all components and assembled(for testing) 1 box--used 2nd order Linkweitz -Reiley equations crossed over at 7450 Hz --ended up with 2 adjustable L-Pads-one after crossover and one for Bullet tweeter--Bobad was correct-the Bullet is a lot louder so attenuation was mandantory here--- even with bullet pointed to rear-also inserted 4 ohm resistor after the 2 paralled tweeters to achieve 8 ohms for box.
So now I have control over volume levels for entire system and can balance individual tweeter levels as well as having 8 ohms to match with other(main) speakers,I can either wire parallel for 4 ohm or series for 16 ohm--will try both to see benefits.
Tested on BoomBox with CD(Whitesnake) and the additional high frequency was very noticible-( clear-not to bright-quite nice actually) from high hats-guitar etc.--
Will test with Bose system tonight with DVD-A (48,000 Hz) and compare to Pyle Pro PHAT6 Piezo tweeters @ 27,000 Hz and fine tune for final assembly.
Will post results and findings later.
Thanks for all assistance-especially Bobad-Cheers
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.