tweeter attenuation on Vifa XT question?

Have a pair of Onix Rocket 750 Signatures with Vifa XT 4 ohm tweets.
I'd like to adjust the tweeter level output a bit but not sure on the values.
High pass consists of a third order network, an L-pad attenuation network , and an LCR impedance flattening network.
The resistor values are as follows. R1 = 3 ohms (series)and R2 = 5 ohms (parallel)
I assume the 5 ohm resistor was used to shunt some higher frequency info out from the tweeter and the 3 ohm resistor was used to adjust the total output of the tweeter correct???
How would I increase the tweeter's total output by 1 or 1.5 db without disturbing the intentional roll off?
I tried by changing R1 to 2.4 instead of 3 and left R2 (5 ohms) the same but this didn't give me my desired result. Some HELP PLEASE!:bawling: