Tweeter amp

My stereo system is at last approaching completion. I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been getting things all figured out, and ordered, and working on stuff. Enough parts are on their way to all but finish it, except for a water pump. (does anyone know where I can get a small sealed pump for cooling my amp?) I'm going to use Leach amps and p3a based amps for bass and mid, and I'm building 4x DoZ amps just for now to try out my 1" Audax tweeters. However, I will then want something better, with higher frequency response, to use with the tweeters. Does anyone know of any small amps that will work wonders with the tweeters?
Sweet!:D Thank you, those pumps will work perfectly for my amp. I am running through two 6" x 8" automotive heater cores in series with a 4" square cooling fan behind each of them for radiators. I will be dissapating at most 250W of heat, probably considerably less, so this is probably overkill, which is not a bad thing if I want my transistors to last forever.