TV/home cinema speakers


2002-01-06 3:45 pm
I have recently purchased a TV and DVD I know nothing about electronics However I am capable of adapting to most DIY tasks.I could purchase off the shelf speakers.Although I would like to build my own speakers which would be very small/mini speakers.

Could anyone help ? do you think it is as well to just buy then from a retailer or is it possible to take on the task ?.
Where would I buy the parts from etc

thanks all

regards Hay
Hello, welcome to the forum. I like it here because people try to maintain their common sense. There are various options for you. You can purchase some decent pre-made ones from a good quality maker. You could purchase some good drivers (raw speakers) made by a manufacturer rather local to your area, or obtain some imported from the Far East. Some would cringe at my mentioning ones from Taiwan or Japan or now-a-days even China, but IMHO, unless you hae a lot more to spend for only a small diffence in actual performance, the value of the Far Eastern makes cannot be beat. I have never used any other and have been happy with them. Well, so much for my opinion there I guess.

You would probably be better off to construct a sealed enclosure for the woofer even though potentially for such a smoll size, other designs should be able to give you the impression of more bass. I emphasize "impression", because what actually happens is that the frequency response is shifted upwards in the spectrum to make it more noticable. The sealed enclosures have the most advantages in terms of actual fidelity. Then be sure to aquire woofers designed to be used that way.

For tweeters, I recommend soft dome for smooth response. There are many different types of good midranges, including construction ranging from soft dome to carbon-fiber. For the midranges, I simply used some small solid pre-made plastic-enclosed types, and stuffed them with damping material (toilet paper). They have rounded edges on the enclosures to give them more resistance to vibration and distortion caused by cabinet resonances. They came out of a low-cost satellite/subwoofer system. Those work well if you do not need much volume. I have not felt the need to add tweeters to my set-up as the little midranges respond well enough in that area for me. You can test the potential solidness of these types at the store by tapping them with your knuckles.