turntable interconnect diy - gauge too small?

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Hi All

I made up some really nice 32awg silver plated Alpha headshell links with gold plated BeCopper connectors. I plan to do the tone arm in the 32awg spc also.

However, I am thinking if i use 30awg silver? or 30awg spc, and keep the whole set up silver plated copper? The 30awg silver is used, and the 30awg spc is brand new, both wires are solid core, the 32awg spc is multistrand.

I assume the 32 spc would be too small for an interconnect?

Thank you

Would it be good to have a wire which has proper awg thickness. is both insulated and enameled, is supple. So that we can strip off the insulation (around 10 mm) exactly at the point where wires bend in tonearm ? that way we make more free movement of the tonearm. How about return wire of one channel is the metal tube of tonearm ? we can discard 4th wire so more flexibility and less weight.
You could use the metal tube of the tone arm as a screen/shield to attenuate interference onto the 4 cores carrying the signal.

Do not use the tube as any part of the signal route.

Do not use enameled very fine copper. It is nearly impossible to clean off the enamel for good soldering.

The thinnest strand one would normally use is 0.1mm ~ 38awg and has 2160ohms/km
7 strands of this is roughly equivalent to 30awg and might be suitable for wiring a tonearm.
7strands of 40awg is roughly equivalent to 32awg. If you are careful you could use this for tone arm wiring.

One can get finner wire, but 7x0.1mm is already pretty fragile.

30awg is 0.255mm diam and that is very chunky. There are many thicknesses from 0.1mm to 0.255 that get used in speaker cable and multimeter probe leads.
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Thanks for the reply Jplesset, so 32 would be fine for an interconnect?

Thanks for the link Fortitudine

Thanks for the reply Picospeaker

Thanks Hiten for the reply and advice with the wiring and sheilding, i am guessing 32awg is a bit large for the tonearm

Thanks Andrew for the reply, so 32awg is a bit too large for tone arm wiring it is in teflon and appears flexible, especially over the kynar 30awg silve copper and teflon silver which is fragile?

Maybe 32awg is good for the Technics V9 pcb to the rca, and maybe interdconnect? and less for the tonearm, i know cardas sells 34awg, which must be close to 32?
I have 6 strands to make the 32awg
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I would be far less concerned about the wire gauge than the flexibility. I hear folks using wire out of a computer mouse, because is is very flexible.

There is so little current flowing in the wire, gauge really doesn't make any different. Input impedance of your pre-amp is high, and so wire resistance isn't really something to worry about.
Thanks Jplesset, the Technics SU-V9 has a powerful phonostage. I was thinking instead of 30awg from the input pcb to the rca i will use tghe 32awg as it is more flexible.

As for tonearm, maybe larger gauage than the original which is very flexible, 32awg is sold on ebay as tonearm wire. It is not as flexible as the old cable but i can make an S shape with it no problem.

5 Colour Silver Plated 7 Strand Tone ARM Tonearm Wire Heat Shrink Sleeving | eBay


If i left the tonearm and used
32awg spc headshell leads (diy) - old copper in tonearm - interconnect 32awg ? btw the old copper appears to be in good shape, no oxidisation, when i stripped it back. Its Technics SL-D202 - bulit 1982, my newest turntable deck.

The 2840/7 BL005 is a 100ft 32AWG 250V blue Hook-up Wire with stranded silver plated copper conductor and PTFE insulation. This MIL-DTL-16878/6 type ET wire has the ability to withstand wear and abrasion, electrical properties and resistance to oil, solvents and chemicals. It provides excellent uniformity for easy handling, stripping and termination.

0.53lbs Maximum pull tension
0.15mm Insulation thickness
REACH regulation (EC 1907/2006)

Automation & Process Control; Microwave; Aerospace, Defence, Military; Industrial
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That is a VERY high price for four 9s silver wire. Contact Myron Tobac in New Your City. I have no relation with them other than being a customer. Years ago, I purchased 30ga round uninsulated silver (not sterling!) wire from them - I think I got 200+ feet for about $25. That was when silver was $4/oz, so perhaps you're looking at 3x this price now - but still a bargain by comparison. The go to McMaster and order some 28g PTFE spagetting tubing.
Thanks Eric for the link , and the 8$ 50cm silver wire I looked at another place in Germany for much less of the same product. The link looks good, i am not sure with US shipping and the dollar how it would work out for me.

Could my 32awg silver plated copper be okay? or too large

Thanks Aurora, so you used just copper
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