Turntable High Frequency Distortion Sibilance


2008-01-07 7:04 am
This weekend I picked up a Stanton T.90 Turntable and I knew more than likely I would want to replace the 500 V3 it comes with.

It is a more general all purpose/DJ cartridge and I wanted to start using the TT for doing some vinyl archiving (mostly late 70's to 80's EP/LP's).

After a couple of hours trying various adjustments and records, I "think" my assumption was correct. I just couldn't get rid of some distortion / sibilance / Es'ing at higher frequencies in both channels at any adjustment.

I tried from a 1.5g to 3g (thought the max of 5g in the cartridge spec was a bit much for doing vinyl archiving). I don't have a blank record to verify the anti-skate but setting it to 1.5 seems to give an even balance on both channels from beginning to end of a 33 1/3 LP.

Also tried various levels using the analog out to a rolls pre-amp to a Makie 1202 mixer and the SPDIF out on the turntable and get the same results.

Any other ideas?

I'd like to try a different cartridge but I have the usual quandary that comes up.

What to get?

I don't want to go over $200 which also makes me a bit nervous to spend that on something you can't return if it doesn't work out.
if ti s a new deck with cart then dump the cart, they are rubbish sub dj standard.

assumping it's anormal 1/2" mount headshell at the end of your tonearm, the world is your oyster.

dj carts tend to be very high output so if you have a phonostage/mixer stage set up for that you'll need to replace it with another dj cart or at least a moving magnet cart.

so, i'd start here...


the difference will not be subtle, make sure you have it fitted and aligned by someone who knows how..