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Turntable For Sale

Denon DP2000
ADC Carbon Fiber? low mass arm
Grado ZT+

Minor speed variations according to the strobe which is intermittent.The intermittent strobe makes me suspect a power supply problem (electros?). Hasn't been used in many years; low hours before that. Was a back-up table.

No dust cover. There is a little tape adhesive residue on the platter surround and strobe window. Unit needs cosmetic cleaning. Nothing damaged. Based on the time it take the platter to run down after power is shut off, bearings appear to be fine. Service manual included.

Reasonable U.S. offers please.
denon turntable

I'm a rank amateur by the standards of those reading this...I didn't know there was such a thing as a headshell until I got a turntable that didn't have one...I bought a nice system that included a dp-2000, sounded magnificent...seller said aftermarket cartridge he'd added didn't go with turntable, but he'd bring me back the original one...tried for a year to get him to do so, never got around to it...finally took turntable to audio store here, they said he'd also taken headshell, and only way to get one was to buy whole new tonearm...didn't tell me what the tonearm was...so, I need either to be told where to get tonearm, headshell, ...what is a reasonable price for your dp-2000? seems like it might be a shortcut solution