Turntable Dust Cover Source

I recently bought a Denon DP-62L TT on E-pay. The seller didn't pack it properly, and the dust cover is now in several pieces. There is one seller on Epay whose business is making replacement dust cover (as long as you still have the hinges). He's a bit expensive. Is anyone familiar with other sources? An NOS or used cover would work fine for me, too, as long as it's in decent shape.
The DP-62L you got wasn't mine, as I still have it. I went with the E-bay source - a bit expensive, but the cover is nice. The only hitch is you have to have the original hinges, as they only do plastics fabrication. The cover comes with holes in the right places to attach the hinges. In a pinch, you could probably get them to do a plain cover, but I personally like the hinged ones better. Search for "DP-62L Dust Cover" on Ebay.
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It's good to have the link, but they (the NY source) seem only capable of doing simple non-hinged dust covers, unless one supplies them an exact drawing. With the Florida source, all I had to do was specify the TT model number, and I got a cover of the right size with hinge holes all drilled and ready to go. This little service probably costs extra, but it was worth it for simplicity and peace of mind.