Turntable belts in Australia

I am modifying my turntable (in conjunction with my DIY Uni-Pivot) and I am looking for a turntable belt for a reasonable price. I need a belt with the same cross-section as that used on a Rega P3, but about 600 to 700mm total length.

Does anyone know a supplier in Australia who sells belts this size, for a reasonable price? I know there are a lot of users in Australia who are frequent posters here.

The reason I am asking is because I wish to mount the upgraded motor in a pod which is separate from the plinth. Is this silly?


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
<b>The reason I am asking is because I wish to mount the upgraded motor in a pod which is separate from the plinth. Is this silly?</b>

Hell no. I have a Gyrodeck with the full acrylic plinth, and making a new base for it similar to the SE, with the motor in a seperate pod, made an immediately discernable improvement. It's actually all in pieces again at the moment having the final version made. Its a cheap experiment anyway. Once you've done it, try a motor controller.

As to the belt, I'm sure eric will chime back in with suggestions, but the best place I've found for these things is WES Components in Ashfield Sydney. Now you know the diameter, determine the length you want, give them a call and I bet they can send one out promptly. Coupla' days, m<i>aaa</i>te, bewdy.

138 Liverpool Rd Ashfield 2131
Phone (02) 9797 9866
Fax (02) 9716 6015

See if you can get a catalogue too. They have tons of useful and unusual stuff you can't get most places.

I've been watching your unipivot project with some interest. It's something I'd like to try next year once tha amps and speakers are done.


I would like to implement a Maxon DC motor, but I don't know how to control it or what model motor to use. I would be keen to try this instead of the Rega upgrade motor.


From past experience, when glueing an o-ring strip together (with Loctite 406), the joint becomes rigid and brittle and eventually fractures due to the constant bending around the small pulley. It may be possible to remove the small pulley, put on a larger one and then drive the platter directly, keeping the ratio of diameters the same. The belt may stay together then.

What do you think?
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Hello rookster, Yes you would be better with a larger diameter pulley.
I think RS Components have a range of ready made pulleys.
If you are going to all this trouble it is likely better to run a flat belt, or even a 1/4" tape belt as is Bernards suggestion, and he also seems very keen on the Maxxon motors.
Another cheap souurce is to take the capstan motor from an old VCR.
Modern VCR's run a direct drive capstan motor, older VCRs run a seperate flat belt coupled high quality DC motor.
Modern DD capstan motors are variable speed and very smooth, and also suitable.

Regards, Eric.

the motor i ordered is th maxon REmax29 with 24Volt and a 3mm shaft.
Pulley diameter is 10mm. The belt surface will be curved and i intend to grind the pulley on the shaft to final diameter in order to cancel excentricity.

The belt runs over the platter's outer diameter, 310mm in my case.
The motor has full speed at about 6000 rpm but for 33 it will run @ 1033 rpm.
Speed ot 120 is intended platter speed limit.

The motor will sit on a ball-beared sled so that belt tension can be easily controlled via a spring or whatever.
Motor contoler schematic


can you suggest a simple schematic based on the above info from mrfeedback. I am imagining a transformer, followed by a rectifier, followed by some filtering, followed by a fixed voltage reg, followed by an LM317 to give speed selection. This will then feed a Maxxon motor. Does this sound okay? Or is a battery supply better?


Thankyou for your input. Did you get my e-mail reply to your e-mail the other day?