tuning car 6.5" speakers

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I have a JL Audio RD900/5

Connected my CP212 W0v3 twin subs and i get plenty of power

As its a 5 channel amp I have another 4 other channels, I connected a pair of Hertz MP 165p 6.5" inch speakers in bridge mode to the remaining 4 channels

(got the 6.5s installed on a small enclosure designed for 6.5" speakers)

I also connected the Hertz crossover device from the amp to the speakers

My question is that I want the 6.5" to only issue high sounds, no bass no mid bass ect, just the high sounds, the one below the tweeter sound

When I increase the volume to high levels the 6.5s starts to struggle on the mid bass,

When I adjust the hz on the amp it doesn't affect the sound on the 6.5s, no change

Is that the cross over working to stop certain sound range?

All i want the speakers to output is the sound range 500hz and 1k 2k 4k and 8k sounds (got from my EQ on my PC)

Do I get rid of the cross overs?

My target is to get the 6.5s to only issue the high end sounds, no bass no mid bass

Anyway to get around this, I have the subs doing the bass

I just want the 6.5s to play sound where no bass or mid bass is issued

Any thoughts?
will a passive crossover interfere with the active crossover in the amp?

thanks im kind of new to this

I have connected the passive crossover unit that came with the speakers to the amp, will this interfere with the tuning from the amp?

Im using a factory head unit, I tapped into my door speakers with a LOC, line out converter, to RCA and into the amp for the signal

on the amp i have a HP Filter Freq HZ with the numbers 50 60 80 120 200 500

what do i need to turn the knob to, only to get high sounds and no mid bass

also shall i disconnect the passive cross over? thanks yoou
You can use both the passive and amp (active) crossovers together but if the passive crossover is 12dB/octave, you MUST have all output sections loaded.

The crossover position determines the lowest frequency that will pass. You'll set it to 500Hz.

so 500Hz on the amp? do you think i should remove the passive cross overs that came with the 6.5"? will that stop me getting 500hz? im gonna remove the passivves to see if it makes a difference

i only want to use the 6.5"s for vocals and the high stuff, reserving the subs for the low end
The passives will remove more low frequencies than without them. You could use a simple capacitor in series with the 6.5s to increase the crossover point. There about a million or so calculators online to calculate the capacitor value.

Thanks, perry does the passive crossover overide the Hz settings on the amp? meaning, when I select the Hz knob is it made obsolete by the passive crossover?
The 500Hz setting on the amp blocks audio below 500Hz. The passive crossover blocks audio below whatever its crossover point is. They work together to block low frequencies.

yes, removed the passive, now it fully works, ive set the sound to 450hz

now there is no bass or any mid bass, so at full volume the speakers dont struggle, thats where the subs come in to play

sounds pretty good now, loud n crisp with ample bass
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