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Tubes for Sale - Link to List 12AX7,5AR4,6550,EL34 and More


2008-03-12 8:09 pm
Picked up a variety of tubes. Link to list is as follows (cut and paste into your browser if the link does not work):


Look through the whole list - it is only semi-organized at this point. I will update it from time to time.

Example of available tubes include:

Philips ECG 12AT7WA NOS - $5 each.

Date code is 8826. Blue printing, white box. Multiples available.

Sovtek 12AX7 NOS - $5 each.

Have mainly the 12AX7LPS, but also a couple of the 12AX7WC.

GE 12AU7A used but strong - $4 each.

There are organ pulls, used and test very strong. All have date codes of 56-26, and another 188-20 code.

Mullard GZ37/CV378 NOS - $50 each (2 available).

Brown base. Georgeous tubes. White box.


Will consider discounts for multiple tube purchases.

Shipping will generally be $6-10 via USPS Priority Mail in the lower 48 USA (depending on how many tubes purchased). Other locations contact me for a shipping quote.

Money order/cashiers check preferred, and I also accept Paypal for convenience (but add 3% to the total).

Will consider trades for equipment, SACD/DVD-A discs or possible other things. Feel free to inquire.

Please check my feedback on Audiogon, Videogon and Ebay (ID=baileyler) and buy with confidence.