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Tubelab Simple Se Trannie Shopping List-a Newbie Seeks Info

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any advice for a shopping list for a Power transformer ( and other goodies) for Tubelab's Simple SE amp?
i have a pair of Dynaco ST-70 tube amp A470 transformers, a swag of goodies for the PCB/kit and am looking for info as to what else i should be looking for by way of power , chokes , controls etc. to finish out the kit. thanks
Where about in Australia do you live I'm in Perth I can recommend Universal Transformers in Fremantle if you want power transformers I get mine custom made from them and they are compareable in price with Hammond tranies but I get mine made with 240,245,250 volt primaries lt allows you to get closer to correct voltages for the heaters,they also do chokes I can also recommend Micheal Percy and Sonicraft for components both very helpful and with our dollar being strong is a good time to buy Farnell are also good to deal with.

Do you have any indication of price for us and perhaps a photo or two? I am interested in a power transformer for a 6L6 amp on the back burner. Thinking of doing monoblocks due to power transformer limitations, but may consider a stereo amp if I can source a suitable transformer.

For Namatjira,

I have used Edcor output transformers for the last three of my projects, and have planned to use them for the next two that have just started. My first project, a SimpleSE uses the XSE15-8-5K. As I am using a sub for the low frequencies, I have been very happy. Perhaps you might like to check out the new guitar range. The GXSE-15-8-5K looks like it might be good. They will ship with USPS flat rate $37 box to, so you might want to order a few. I managed to get two XSE-15-8-5K and two CXPP-25-4-7.6K in a box, so you might even fit 6 of the smaller XSE series in a box.


This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.