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Tubelab Simple SE PCB board assistance need !!!!


2011-12-11 6:33 pm
Hi .

As part of my DIY project I improve my skills in soldering.
I had to solder R3 several times. After finishing filling the hole with solder, I encounter this :

I tried with multimeter to check current between the two solders and there is NO connection. Now, I dont know if it should be like that or not.
I tried to measure current from V10 socket 9 to the left solder and it works and to the right solder it doesnt work . should it be like that ?


Thanks in advance,
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Yes, that trace needs to be connected. Should be pretty easy to fix.

First remove the solder from both the broken trace and the solder pad. I would use a solder sucker then solder wick but this all depends on what you have available. Next thoroughly clean the area with a Q tip and isopropyl alcohol. Next gently scrape about 3 or 4 mm's of coating off the trace with a small knife. You want to get down to the bare copper. Tin the exposed copper trace then depending on the width of the gap and the width of your soldering iron tip you may be able to bridge the gap by heating both the trace and the pad at the same time then flooding the gap with solder. If the gap is too wide just bridge it with a piece of bare wire soldered to both sides.